BizTalk 2009 SharePoint Service Adapter with SharePoint 2010

Several people have stated that this works, but unfortunately no one has really told you the steps. 

Assumptions:  Is this a proposal?  🙂

  1. SharePoint 2010 running on Windows 2008 R2 (64 bit of course)
  2. You have at least configured a couple of Web Applications in SP2010 to make the rest of this work

The main thing that happens here is you try to install BizTalk 2009 and you have the option for the SharePoint Service Adapter all greyed out.  This doesn’t work so go ahead and do the following:

  1. Download WSS 3.0 with SP2.  NOTE:  This is required for Windows 2008 R2 as it will not let anything else be installed
  2. Before you get to the area to actually “Configure SharePoint…”, hit “Cancel”
  3. Run the install for BizTalk and you can not install the adapter
  4. Configure the adapter as you would because it will recognize SharePoint is installed
  5. After it is configured, change the web.config for the BizTalk adapter to use the services (See this post here)

Hopefully that at least gets you a bit further.  Hopefully BizTalk 2009 R2 will have a lot of this resolved.

Simple Date Entry for InfoPath

Had a request to enter in dates with a simple MMddYY format.  This is easier than you think.

  1. Create a for and add a Date Picker field to the view
  2. Double-click the field and add a new Rule
  3. Set the Condition as such: 
    1. string-length(.) = 6 and
    2. contains(“/”, .) = false and
    3. contains(“-“,.) = false
  4. Add an Action to Set a Fields Value
    1. Current Field or “.”
    2. Value: concat(substring(today(), 1, 2), substring(., 5, 2), “-“, substring(., 1, 2), “-“, substring(., 3, 2))
  5. Test out the for.  Enter a date like “050109” and it will put it in as 2009-05-01.

That is it.  Simple and easy to use

InfoPath Multi Column Drop Down

If you need to add a drop-down to an InfoPath form that has a Display Name with multiple columns, you can’t do this out of the box.  In order to make this work, you have to manually edit the XSL behind the scenes.  I don’t believe in adding code behind if you don’t need to but the XSL does not make this form need a Full Trust or anything, so this seems cleaner.

Save your InfoPath form File -> Save As Source Files…  From there go in and edit the view1.xsl or whatever you named your view.  Look for the <option> tags and in there you will find the <xsl:value-of/> tag with the field you chose in the display name.  Now, just add the additional stuff you want, and whala:


Save the file and open the manifest.xsf in Design mode and take a look