BUG: ACCESS DENIED. Adding/Removing Users/Groups

Ever get the error “Access Denied” while trying to add/remove a user/group from a SharePoint Site Collection? If you are like me and realize that the user you are logged in with has Site Admin priveleges, you are probably scratching your head like I was. If you are like me, those scratches left a mark on your bald head too! Enter bug in SharePoint.

If you have a Site Collection marked as “readonly” and it happens to be the last Site in the SharePoint table Sites, it will basically disable you from editing EVERY user/group in SharePoint that is within the same Content Database.

So how could someone figure this out? A lot of SQL skills help, and I gots em…

To replicate this problem, do the following:

  1. Create a new Web Application and a new Content Database in Central Administration (WEB APP=http://test, Content Database=SP_TEST_CONTENT)
  2. Create as many site collections as you want:
    1. “/” root Blank
    2. “/sites/T1” Blank
    3. “/sites/T2” Blank
  3. Open up SQL Management Studio (SSMS) and run a query like this: SELECT  s.id,s.BitFlags,w.FullUrl FROM SP_TEST_CONTENT..Sites s JOIN SP_TEST_CONTENT..Webs w ON s.Id = w.SiteId
  4. Take note to the one that is last, if it is “”, it is root.  Now, go to a command line and do the following: “stsadm -o setsitelock -url http://test/<Full URL from above> -lock readonly”
  5. Go to any of the site collections that ARE NOT marked as read-only and try to add a user/group…ACCESS DENIED

So what is the deal?  SQL skills take over…  I opened up SQL Profiler and watched what was going on.  The one line that got me was calling “proc_SecAddUserToSiteGroup”.  Upon looking at this SPROC with “sp_helptext proc_SecAddUserToSiteGroup” I saw another call to “fn_CanUserEditMembershipOfGroup”.  After doing the same thing on this call, found a line like the following:

SELECT @SiteFlags = BitFlags FROM Sites

All in all valid SQL statement, however, one big gaping hole…uh….WHERE CLAUSE!!!!!!!!

After this call, it looks for IF @SiteFlags & 131072 = 131072 RETURN 0.  DOH…that pretty much mean ACCESS DENIED!!!!

Microsoft, please fix this bug…


3 thoughts on “BUG: ACCESS DENIED. Adding/Removing Users/Groups

  1. I just got to the same point tracing what was going on in SQL before finding your post! We’d experienced the inability to add users for groups for site collections in one content DB after moving sites around. It appears that a read-only site collection became last in the sites table and prevented us from adding users to any groups for site collections in that content DB, I have an open case with Microsoft.

  2. Thank you very much for this information. We where searching for days for an solution for this problem!

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