AJAX and Publishing Sites…DO NOT WORK

I posted this on forums after a suggestion from a person working with me from Microsoft.  I haven’t even received a bite yet.  Please post a comment if you have also had issues with AJAX and publishing sites.  I have yet to see MS post anything that says this does not work.
To test:
  • Create an AJAX Web Part that works in a standard BLANK site
    • Of course you have to do things like add the ASP:ScriptControl and other things to your default.master or whatever…but do it
  • Enable Publishing features (these are at the Site Collection level and the Site level)
  • I bet the AJAX will work right away…yup, but ONLY with the basic master page
  • Change the master page to something other than the one you carried over with the BLANK site…guess what…

If you have any feedback, post it on forums